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I discovered something beautiful

After discovering that Escudeiros was closed due to the strike, I decided to take my newfound freedom and wander around this part of Samora Correia that I hadn't fully explored yet. That's when I discovered something beautiful.


Not far behind the school, at the very end of a cobblestone walkway, I found these two wooden structures longing to be used. Unsure of what existed beyond these structures, my curious feet went exploring. 


Here I found myself at the very end of the wooden pallets, staring at a beautiful blue river. To the right I could see a couple kayaks afloat. In either direction, the river continued far as I could see. Finally, nature.

Curious of what else I might find, I hopped back onto the path following alongside the river and I continued.


While the walkway was quite short (I followed both ends to satisfy my imagination), it felt nice to finally find a place where there's nature. This is my diamond in the rough. The hidden beauty of Samora Correia and I found it.

The best part? I don't even have to walk too far to see it. 


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