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O dia da greve

Today many schools, hospitals, and other various entities of the public sector were shut down do to a country-wide 'greve' (strike).

While little details about the strike were actually mentioned to me, I do know one thing: the workers were demanding more money due to a recent loss in pay cuts. 

I forgot about all this until I reached Escudeiros, the school I assist Fri mornings.  After my 20min walk, I reached the white gates protecting the main entrance of the school. There I stood pressing  the bell. Once, twice, three times... I waited 10 minutes before it hit me.

Ahhh. The greve.

I continued my journey to the next school. Sure enough, it was closed.

Uncertain of what to do with myself, I saw kids playing outside of what they call 'the main school' and decided to find solace in the teachers lounge, where I knew there would be wifi.

While many teachers were out protesting, those who decided not to, still had to be present at school, even if their children were not. At one point the lounge was crowded with floaters, trying to pass the time. 


There haven't been many updates on the progress of the strike, but I'm hoping to provide that information soon.


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